11 Painful Mistakes Parents Make

We are having 11 days of a family reunion, so I am reposting some favorites.

I finished shopping, opened the car door, put the bag on the car seat and slammed the door all the way closed…on my hand. Yes, I did! I could not believe it either!  Jumping quickly into the car, I yelled in agonizing pain, because I didn’t want anyone in the parking lot to hear me.  Yes, I did that too! My hand was already bruising, but I could tell that nothing was broken.

Thank the Lord for the rubber cushion now installed in cars, instead of my hand being enclosed between steel. But, it hurt enough to where I am now extremely cautious and alert when I shut my car door in order to not repeat that painful action. I learned my lesson the hard way.

If you are like me, I would rather learn from other people’s mistakes instead of my own.  Sometimes though, I don’t even learn from my own mistakes.  Not learning from a mistake would be like shutting the car door on my left hand and then turning around and shutting the car door on my right hand. The best way to learn parenting is from God.

We read the Proverbs of the Bible daily as a family to learn the wisdom of God.  We wanted to avoid making painful mistakes as parents. We wanted to help our children make wise decisions. We also received wise counsel from others on parenting.
“For wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it.”  Proverbs  8:11

11 painful mistakes parents make with their children:

  1. Not walking with God, not relying on God’s Word, not seeking His wisdom.
  2. Not doing what they know they are supposed to do.
  3. Not being respectful to one another.
  4. Not being alert to dangers within their home: Not checking out what their children are seeing and hearing on the different medias within the home and not checking out what is in their rooms.
  5. Not being attentive to friends who may be leading them astray.
  6. Not being sincere by behaving one way around certain people and behaving another way within the home.
  7. Not apologizing to them when wrong.
  8. Not being a family of prayer.
  9. Not keeping their children’s hearts. Not taking time to listen to them and talk with them.
  10. Not going to a Bible teaching local church.church~~
  11. Not disciplining them effectively. See Proverbs.

Many times, becoming a new parent grabs the parent’s attention, and the new parent will make changes to walk with God. That is what happened with Enoch in Genesis 5:22.

After Methuselah was born, Enoch started walking with God.  How is our walk with God? Does our walk with God make our children and grandchildren want to walk with the God we serve? Should there be any concern on our part if if our children and grandchildren follow in our footsteps? Do any changes need to be made in our lives?

“Lord, I pray we will be wise parents and grandparents.  We have the power of influence on the lives of others. Empower us to be good influences. We desire to live our lives to honor You! Lord, just a closer walk with Thee. May our children and grandchildren grow up to live to honor You.  We thank You! In Jesus’ Name, Amen. “

Linda Hoover

Leanne writes: thank you for sharing… we just started homeschooling our 3 little guys! I’m a bit overwhelmed right now, but articles like this make me remember why we decided to do so. 🙂

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