Bowling Family Fun

While Brandon and Jodi went on a mini vacation, we took their three sons bowling. Dwayne, our son-in-law, invited us to come with their family. He guided each of the little ones when it was their turn.


Grandkids Kristen's Pics 181

Grandkids Kristen's Pics 180

Grandkids Kristen's Pics 191It is amazing how fast a two-year-old catches on to bowling.

Grandkids Kristen's Pics 216

Bowling with Grandkids 015

Grandkids BowlingGrandkids They loved watching the returning balls roll out of the machine.

Grandkids Kristen's Pics 170Grandkids Kristen's Pics 182

Our family was given a private tour behind the scenes. We were able to see how the bowling pins were set up and how they were reset when some were knocked down. It was quite a loud experience. We each held a 3 lb. bowling pin.

Bowling with Grandkids 031

Grandkids Kristen's Pics 258Behind the Bowling Scenes

The whole gang behind the bowling scenesGrandkids Kristen's Pics 262

The bowling pin may have been a little heavy for Landon, but he is holding on tight. Now it is time to eat pizza, fruit and a cookie at the Bowling Alley~

Pizza, Fruit and a Cookie at the Bowling Alley Have I mentioned that my favorite word is family? I am thankful to God for my family!

Kristen Piper

Those were wonderful memories made. It’s funny, because at first, we all did not know if the three two-year old boys were even going to like bowling. Then they ended up loving it even more than all the older kids! I felt like a little kid again, just watching my little nephews and all the kids laughing a lot and having such a great time! God is so good to give us family to treasure always.

Linda Hoover

Kristen, I love your comment about God giving us family to treasure always. So true. You are a blessed treasure. I am so grateful God gave me such a sweetheart for a daughter. Kids and grandkids keep us all feeling like kids. I love to be with family.

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