Raleigh State Fair 2013

Excitement is in the air! There is so much to see and do at the Raleigh State Fair.







Fair 001Bundled up and ready to go~



Fair Cant wait to get Krispy Creme hamburgers and deep fried oreos at the fair… just kidding. We opted to go to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch.


Fair Raleigh 2013 Pumpkins and Cuties~



Fair Raleigh 2013 051How many can sit in this whopper chair?


Fair Raleigh 2013 012Cute as a bug~


Fair 043and more cute as bugs~


Fair 059Papa holding a little tiger~



Fair 017A creeper vine is following you~


Fair 054My sweetie of 34 years~


Fair 053Come on and ring that bell~


Fair 057Love this married with 5 children couple~


Fair 038Precious~


Fair Raleigh 2013 034What a sweet family~



Fair Raleigh 2013 073Children’s laughter is a bit of heaven on earth~along with their “I wuv yous.”



Fair Raleigh 2013 078The Grand Finale

Bowling Family Fun

While Brandon and Jodi went on a mini vacation, we took their three sons bowling. Dwayne, our son-in-law, invited us to come with their family. He guided each of the little ones when it was their turn.


Grandkids Kristen's Pics 181

Grandkids Kristen's Pics 180

Grandkids Kristen's Pics 191It is amazing how fast a two-year-old catches on to bowling.

Grandkids Kristen's Pics 216

Bowling with Grandkids 015

Grandkids BowlingGrandkids They loved watching the returning balls roll out of the machine.

Grandkids Kristen's Pics 170Grandkids Kristen's Pics 182

Our family was given a private tour behind the scenes. We were able to see how the bowling pins were set up and how they were reset when some were knocked down. It was quite a loud experience. We each held a 3 lb. bowling pin.

Bowling with Grandkids 031

Grandkids Kristen's Pics 258Behind the Bowling Scenes

The whole gang behind the bowling scenesGrandkids Kristen's Pics 262

The bowling pin may have been a little heavy for Landon, but he is holding on tight. Now it is time to eat pizza, fruit and a cookie at the Bowling Alley~

Pizza, Fruit and a Cookie at the Bowling Alley Have I mentioned that my favorite word is family? I am thankful to God for my family!

Family Visit

Our family came to visit us for 11 days! It was extra special, because Barry’s 83-year-old mother and our sister-in-law, Bakey flew in too. Thank you, Bakey for taking our family photo.

Brandon and family arrived first. Since we live so close to the beach, they took a mini vacation there. We gladly kept our three grandchildren while they were vacationing.  A wagon ride around the block was on our agenda.

Triston, Chandler, Sterling 012I love how Triston put his arm around me.  He is so lovable.


Triston, Chandler, Sterling 003Playing in the back of Papa’s truck is always fun for the grandchildren.

Triston, Chandler, Sterling 009The twins wanted to play in the back of Papa’s truck too.

Grandkids Kristen's Pics 026The clubhouse that Dwayne built was enjoyed by all ages!

Grandkids Kristen's Pics 036Grandkids Kristen's Pics 072

Grandkids Kristen's Pics 041Grandkids Kristen's Pics 045Grandkids Kristen's Pics 055

Grandkids Kristen's Pics 064It was so cute to see these two-year-old cousins interact with one another.

Grandkids Kristen's Pics 133In the first floor of the clubhouse, the cousins were entertained by the old Disney cartoons. I fondly remember them from my childhood days. I guess you could say that I was entertained too.  Grandkids Kristen's Pics 139The Little Red Hen cartoon teaches children to have a good work ethic and to take initiative. I like cartoons that teach valuable lessons.  Don’t you?

Grandkids Kristen's Pics 102 Dwayne bounced the kids like popcorn and they loved it.

Back at the house, Barry’s Mom wanted to see our vegetable garden and flowers. Barry decided a ride on the lawnmower was the best way for her to sightsee.

Mamaw on lawn mowerAfter the lawn mower ride around the yard, Barry’s 83-year-old Mom jokingly said, “I came to visit, and they put me to work mowing the grass.” 🙂

Grandkids Kristen's Pics 266Barry’s mother and her youngest great grandchild, Dylan~

Building His Kids a Club House

Dwayne, our son-in-law drew up plans and built a club house for his growing family.

At the beginning of the project, I told our seven year old grandson, “Bryant, not many Dads build a club house for their children. What a special thing your Dad is doing for you!”

Smiling from ear to ear, Bryant, politely replied, “I know! The lady at the store, where Dad bought the lumber, told me the same thing.” 🙂



Building a Clubhouse

Kids Club House


Kids Club House

Kids Club House


What a good Daddy! Reminds me of the Scripture about how a father loves his children and gives them good things.  “…how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?” Matthew 7:11

Celebrating the Birth of Dylan

We are so very excited to announce the birth of Dylan, our 8th grandchild. Of course, he is adorable!


I took this photo of Kristen on my birthday.  I was hoping Dylan would arrive on my birthday…sooooo, after cake and ice cream, Kristen climbed lots of stairs. But, it was not meant to be.

Barry and I had our bags packed way in advance of her due date. We wanted to be able to promptly leave if we received a midnight call that Kristen was in labor. She barely made it to the hospital in time for the last baby. I was concerned that Kristen would be like my mom and have her baby in the car.

Everything went well, thank the Lord! Dylan weighed in at a whopping 9lbs 10oz. He will outgrow his newborn clothes in no time.

To celebrate Dylan’s birth, Melinda and Jeremy came for a visit. Here are a few photos of the joyous occasion taken by Melinda Denison, our daughter. Here is the link to her new website: http://www.melindadenison.com/

Kristen and Dylan

When I visited Kristen immediately after the baby was born, she was radiant like this. Midwives brag on her.

Kristen, Dylan in our flower gardenKristen and Dylan in our flower garden

Grandma and Dylan

Being a Grandma has its perks

Melinda and Dylan

Aunt Melinda with her new nephew

Family of 7Beautiful Family of Seven

giant sling shot

What’s a celebration without a giant sling shot for the kids to shoot water balloons at….


Uncle Jeremy!

Sparklers for the kidsUncle Jeremy brought some sparklers for the children to enjoy~

Landon ~sparkler

 Sweet dreams

Sweet Dreams