What? There is a King in my Kid?

Another one of my favorite posts~ We can all glean gems from the post to benefit our precious children and grandchildren.

The photo is of our grandson, Bryant getting excited about receiving a Bible for his 7th Birthday on July 1, 2012. I see king potential!


“And Samuel said unto Jesse, Are here all thy children? And he said, There remaineth yet the youngest, and, behold, he keepeth the sheep… ” 1Samuel16:11


David-shepherd boyPicture the scene:  We are just told by God that people will make decisions by looking on the outer appearance of others, but God looks on the heart.  God had already chosen a King, but the parent failed to see the king in his kid.

The parent was actually going to leave out one of his children, thinking it impossible for that child to be chosen. Maybe, the parent thought his son was way too young. Maybe the parent saw his youngest boy as just a little kid who had the lowly job of keeping sheep.  When the parent was asked if he had more sons, the parent said “behold”, which means to “look with surprise”.  Can’t you just picture this parent pointing in the distance to his son and thinking in a surprised way, “What? Could there be a king in that kid?”

What valuable lessons can we apply to our lives from this true Bible story?

1.  God loves to take the “seemingly nobody’s” and uses them for His glory!

2.  There are God-given potential and God-given talents hidden in every child.

3.  The child does not know he has “king potential” in him.

4.  The parent should be the one to help each child reach their God-given potential.

5.  Pray daily: “Lord, I don’t see my child as You do. Work in and through me to draw out each child’s God-given potential and talents to be used for Your glory.”

6. Model humbleness.  Only the humble will reach king potential. David was in a lowly position of keeping lowly sheep.  There is no room for “big heads”! It is the little things, little places, little people that God can use for His glory.

What do we want for our children? Fame (Popularity) or Fortune? Please say, “No”.

Let us choose what is most important to God for our children! There is king potential in every child. Let us choose to praise our children for good character, integrity and godliness! Children will desire to live up to the praise we give them!

crownDaily let each child know they are special.  Let us ask the Lord for spiritual eyes to see the king potential in each of our children and let us take the needed action to draw that potential out!

And don’t be surprised when you find out “There is a king in my kid”! 🙂

My Mother’s Day Weekend~2013

What a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend I had to cherish! I am writing this post at 3 AM on Monday, the day after Mother’s Day.  If you see grammatical mistakes, please excuse me today…and every day for that matter. 🙂 Better yet, I welcome you to critique my posts, so feel free to write me if you see an error.

My wonderful weekend began on Friday when Fed-Ex arrived at our door with a package for me.  My husband asked me if I wanted to wait until Mother’s Day to open it.  Now, I am like a kid when it comes to opening presents. When I was a young child, presents were neatly wrapped under the Christmas tree for days. I used to touch, turn, squeeze and shake the presents that had “Linda” on them. I even resorted to putting holes in the wrapping to get a glimpse of what the presentpresent might be. Yes, I really did that!  So, when my package arrived on Friday with my name on it, I smiled at my husband, tearing into the package, saying, “Are you kidding?”

Our children bought me a beautiful dress for Mother’s Day. I thought that was so sweet.  Because my husband has been out-of-work for a year, I have not bought clothes.  I really don’t need any clothes, but I always like getting a new dress, and my children know that fact about their mother. I felt loved.  I love to feel loved.

We had a Mother’s Day feast at our children’s house, and the men helped with the dishes.  Our grandchildren wanted me to play hide-n-go-seek with them.  That is a favorite game for us to play with them at this time. I taught my family a variation of hide and seekhide-n-go-seek that I played when I was a young girl.  It was called “Kick the Can.”  Rule number 1- You are never too old to play this game.

It is so exciting to kick the can and free the captives!

Kick The Can

You will need a can or bucket.

How to play:

  1. The designated kicker kicks the can, covers his eyes and counts to a hundred. If a child cannot count that high, the kicker can sing a song or recite a poem to give the others time to hide.
  2. At the end of the count, the kicker puts the can or bucket upright, then says, “Ready or Not, Here I Come.”
  3. When the kicker finds someone, he or she says the hider’s name, races the hider back to the can, and tries to be the first to kick it again. If the kicker fails and the hider kicks it, the game starts again. If the kicker succeeds, then that hider must stand near the can while the kicker seeks other children.
  4. While this is happening, other hiders can risk their own capture to free a fellow hider by running up to the can and kicking it…before being spotted by the kicker. The captured players then go and hide again. And the game goes on.

I will end this Mother’s Day Journal with a beautiful card I received.

Dear Mother,

Mother's Day Card
Mother’s Day Card

How very blessed I am to have you as my Mom! Your caring, loving influence meant so much to me when I was growing up.  It means even more to me now that I have a better idea of how difficult times must have been for you, as you poured so much effort and hours every day into us three kids.  Without your consistent example to me of how to be a Christian, Godly Mom, I do not know where I would be today. I have observed so many moms out there who are living lives that do not seem that inspiring and whose priorities are not in order.  How thankful I am that your life was always inspirational to me and that I have a Mom whose daily priorities were in the right order. Your role in making our home such a happy one was tremendous.  So many happy memories were made because of your creativity and initiative. I could never forget all those wonderful aspects of my childhood, and I love being able to try to re-create many of those with my kids.  Thank you for not only being the best Mother to me, but also for being the best Grandma to all the kids! It’s so easy to see why they all love being with you so much, because of all your loving care, special individual attention, and happy memories you make with them every time they are with you.  I am so thankful my children enjoy the privilege of your wonderful influence in their lives, just as I did (and still do :)) in my life.  I love you so much, Mom!

Your Daughter,


Bryant~Dear Grandma,

One of my favorite things you do with me is when you read books to me.  I love it when you play chase with me.  Thank you for telling me stories about when mommy was little.  Thank you for taking care of us.

Love, Bryant (age 7)


Austen~~Dear Grandma,

I like it when you run with me.  I like it when you cook with me…three things.  You teach me about Jesus and God.  I hope you can sit by me, because I like it.

Love, Austen (age 5)


BriannaDear Grandma,

I love when you sit with me.  I wish you could be with me now while I am eating my cereal. You paint my nails and toenails pretty, and I wish you could keep playing with me all the time and never stop.

Love, Brianna (age 4)


Landon~~Kristen said she asked Landon (age 2) “Do you love Grandma too?”  Landon’s eyes got round and big and he nodded his head vigorously. 🙂

Life Is A Vapor! Oh, How I Miss My Mother!

This past May, my beautiful mother went to heaven. How I miss her! This will be my first Mother’s Day without my mother.

You know, I was thinking about what my mother said when I announced almost 30 years ago that I was going to homeschool her grandchildren.  Mother was positive and said, “I think that is great. You sound like a pioneer woman.” Back then, being a Mom who homeschooled was being a pioneer woman of that generation. Homeschooling had just become legal in our state. Mother believed in me as a homeschool Mom and encouraged me when others did the opposite. My three sisters ended up homeschooling their children too.

It has been eight months since my mother passed away, and I still shed tears  from missing my precious mother. Our tears are important to God. God keeps our tears in a bottle in heaven.  I am thinking my bottle of tears in heaven is getting quite large. “Put thou my tears into thy bottle…” Psalm 56:8

Mom, Jodi, me for tea at my mother's home
Mom, Jodi, me for tea at my mother’s home

The photo at the top right is of my parents standing with Barry and me at our daughter, Melinda’s wedding three years ago. To the left is a photo of Mom, Jodi and myself. Mom had given Jodi a tea celebrating her engagement to our son, Brandon. Mom loved serving others.

What a sweet testimony of incredible love shown to my Mother by my Dad. Dad demonstrated true love in action to his wife as he tenderly took care of her while she was bedridden for the last 8 months of her life. I have never heard of anyone so devoted to caring for his wife as my Dad was to my Mother. A nurse even commented that in all her years she had never seen such devotion and care given to one’s wife. My Dad would not leave my mother’s side unless one of his four daughters talked him into taking a break. Sadly, mother suffered physically her last months on earth, but on the day she passed away, mother had a smile on her face. I think it is special Mom left this earth with a smile on her face…

Heaven is a wonderful place
Dad, Mom, Melinda, Jeremy

Because heaven is a wonderful place! Mother passed away into the arms of Jesus. My mother will never feel pain again but will feel healthy forever and ever! No more being bedridden! Mother can run and jump for joy with ease now in beautiful heaven. Mother is forever with Her loving Heavenly Father.

And no, heaven is not boring with angels floating on clouds playing harps like the pictures portray. If the earth God created for us is beautiful, heaven is a million times more beautiful and perfect too.  Heaven is not sin tainted. Sin is ugly. Heaven is gorgeous. Our minds cannot even wrap around the incredible wonders that await us in heaven.

Jesus went to heaven to prepare a place for us.  That means He went to heaven to prepare a place for you personally and for me personally.  When God prepares something, God does it top notch. “In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.” John 14:2  Did you insert your name in the place where it says “you”?  If not, do that now.  The Bible is God’s personal love letter just for you. Yes, He has a mansion just for you. Wow!!!

My husband and I stayed in an antebellum home once and we were the only ones there. We had so much fun pretending the antebellum home was our own personal mansion with all the finery.  That was pretend, but in heaven there is no pretending. God said you and I would have a mansion prepared for us personally by Jesus! Wow!

My Dad and I were talking about what we would look like in heaven. Have you ever thought about that?  If we die at age 90, do we look 90 years old in heaven?  I was hoping NOT. Guess what! I found a Scripture revealing that we will look youthful in heaven. Yay! Goodbye wrinkles!!!   That is extremely nice to know. In heaven, we will find our fountain of youth. “His flesh shall be fresher than a child’s: he shall return to the days of his youth.” Job 33:25

I also found a Scripture showing that in heaven we will recognize one another.  Christians might as well get along down here, because we will all be together up there. During the transfiguration, those who had gone to heaven were talking to  one another.  “And, behold, there appeared unto them Moses and Elias talking with him.” Matthew 17:3 Isn’t it going to be great talking face to face with Jesus?

I understand why the death of Christians is precious to the Lord because he gets to hug us face to face and talk to us face to face.  “Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.” Psalm 116:15

I never thought of death as precious, because I miss my loved ones.  Jesus thinks death is precious because he misses His loved ones too. He wants to look into His child’s eyes, to hug face to face, laugh face to face and to talk face to face. While we are on earth, Jesus is limited in that he cannot physically touch us and physically talk to us. There is no limit to the eye to eye conversation and physical hugs we get in heaven with our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Can you picture looking into your Saviour’s eyes? Picture the incredible “God Hug” we will get everyday forever. Picture yourself talking face to face with Jesus.  I love that picture!

I am going to see all the many babies I miscarried lining that entrance street of baby~gold into heaven. My immediate family is really quite huge as I lost count of the precious babies I miscarried. I say “7” because “7” is a perfect number. I look forward to seeing each of my children’s unique “alive” faces in heaven.

My brother who passed away at age 18 will be in heaven. I led him to the Lord a few days before he was in a fatal car wreck. I remember distinctly how the Lord prompted me to witness to my brother about how to be saved.  Thinking I had all the time in the world, I told the Lord, “Later, I will talk to him later.” Finally, I was so urgently prompted that I said, “Alright, God!”  I knocked on my brother’s door and said, “God said that you have to listen to me, because Jesus wants to save you right now.”

In the next hour, my brother trusted Christ and Him only as His Savior. I will never forget the smile on my brother’s face that day as he told me his decision.  Little did I know the urgency of telling my brother Jesus wanted to save him.  I am so glad I listened to God’s prompting, because soon after that decision, he was in heaven. I know for certain, I will see my brother in heaven. I picture my mother in heaven with her son, my brother and her stillborn baby girl, my sister laughing and enjoying one another.

When people got saved in the Bible, they would usually tell their family members first.  What are you and I doing to make sure our family members get saved and are on their way to heaven?  Most of us have unsaved family members. We don’t have all the time in the world, like I thought.

One of the best things about heaven is how Jesus will wipe all our tears away! No more hurts.  If we didn’t get hurt on this earth, we would grow too contented here and not desire our real home, our heavenly home. We are just passing through on our way to Heaven to be with Jesus and our loved ones forever!

Heaven is a wonderful place, filled with glory and grace.  I want to see my Saviour’s face, because Heaven is a wonderful place!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you precious Moms! You have the best job in the world, and Jesus is bragging on you to His Father in heaven.

If you still have your mother on this earth, give her a big hug for me!

Home Improvements

Our Sunny House in the Country!

We moved into our new home in March, and we love it! It is conveniently located close to our daughter, Kristen, Dwayne, her husband and their growing family. Because they are expecting their 5th child in June, we wanted to be close by to give a helping hand. We also wanted to move closer to get closer to our grandchildren. Grandparents are special, and grandchildren need them in their lives.

How can I resist these cute little nose prints on our back door?  Landon is the baby of the family for now….until June.

nose prints



When we bought the house, the blue carpet in the Master Bedroom was “first” on my list to go. My husband worked long hours putting in hardwood floors. Our family helped out too.

Jeremy, our son-in-law was at our home for the beginning stage of the new flooring. Barry and Jeremy are discussing what to do next~ they had just finished pulling up all the old carpet.



Young Apprentices~



Dwayne and Kristen came over to give a helping hand.




Before ~ Below is a picture of the blue carpet with the previous owner’s furniture.












After ~ It took about one month of hard work before we could move into our bedroom.  I had fun choosing the pattern of the hardwood flooring. Then, Barry, on his hands and knees nailed down each board. Yes, he is a perfectionist, and I love the results.


The other half of the Master Bedroom~


A Hiking We Shall Go


What a beautiful day for a family hiking trip!!!!






Going Hiking

















Natural Tunnel

It was the perfect day… sunny, bright and the climate was in the mid 70’s!

This train was at the beginning of the hiking trip. Bryant loves trains. When he was five, I noticed Bryant lining up chairs in a train fashion.  He told the group of playmates where they were to sit and Bryant was in the first chair~ of course, Bryant was the engineer pretending to take his friends on the ride of their lives.




Natural Tunnel State Park, SW Virginia

Natural Tunnel is called the Eighth Wonder of the World by William Jennings Bryan. For more than 100 years, it has been attracting sightseers to the mountains of southwestern Virginia.




chairlift for two

Up we go! Barry and I sitting in our chairlift for two ~ We are riding to Lover’s Leap. Yes, we are!




Chairlift ride

Chairlift ride to the other side~





Papa with a backpack of sweetnessPapa with a backpack full of Sweetness!




on top of a rock

Dwayne and Kristen on top of a rock.




Lover's Leap

Atop the Genuinely REAL “Lover’s Leap” at Natural Tunnel State Park, Virginia. I was glad for the fence because it was dangerously high.





Hmm… Do you think the weather is changing a bit?  I think I smell rain and I know I hear thunder.  Do you? Yes! Runnnnn!

And we were off~ backtracking and running… trying to make it to the cave we passed way back, in order to be safe and not get soaked.



Whew!!! We made it! Climbing to safety and hunkering down in a “cave” during the thunderstorm.

I  was so glad God made clefts in the rocks to keep us safe.  During this time, I thought of the hymn by Fannie Crosby~

music“He hideth my soul in the cleft of the rock,
That shadows a dry, thirsty land;
He hideth my life in the depths of His love,
And covers me there with His hand,
And covers me there with His hand.”


Papa decides to check out the storm-worthiness of the “cave” for weathering the hour-long storm.


Melinda (after she sees this photo): “Looks like I’m turning into a vampire with my glowing eyes.”

Dwayne: “Yeah, looks like you’re about to bite down on your little victim! But then, his eyes are glowing, too! Maybe it’s about to be a show-down between the vampires.”

Melinda: “I don’t know. I think I’d win; the little vampire looks quite fatigued.” 🙂



Settled in, having no idea we’d be sitting on rocks for an hour.

Dwayne: “These rocks are not La-Z-Boys!”

All: *Laughter*



Cleft in the Rock

After our hiking adventure, I thought about our family climbing up in that cleft and what could have happened, “I am grateful there were no snakes, bats, and bears…oh my! It was a safe cleft.

Dwayne, our Pastor son-in-law: “It was fun! Reminds me of the ‘Cleft of the Rock’ Scripture that speaks of where God leads us to weather life’s storms!”

“The Lord is the Rock where He leads me when I’m overwhelmed.” Psalm 62:1

Me: “Amen, Preacher!”