Easter 2013



Easter Sunday was a beautiful rainy day. While Jeremy was packing up the car, so he and Melinda could travel back home after church, we snapped a few pictures.

Easter Sunday

Me with my Easter Honey!


Easter Sunday

Sweet Melinda and her Dad! Notice Barry’s tie with the books of the Bible.  Off to church we go to a wonderful Easter service!


On Saturday, at the church where our son-in-law, Dwayne is Pastor… he shared an Easter Bible lesson for the children. The adults loved the Bible lesson too. He is such a good preacher!

Stop and let me tell you

We sang, “Stop and let me tell you what the Lord has done for me!” Bryant held the Stop sign and Austen held the Go sign.

Easter ~~

We also sang, “One Way God said to get to heaven… Jesus is the only way!” A precious foster child held the One Way sign. Kristen, our daughter is playing the piano.

Nothing but the blood

“What can wash away our sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus.” Brianna held the fold out cross, while we sang.

Nothing but....


Landon finding eggs… they were not hidden very hard for this two year old. He loved it!

money eggs

Kristen is expecting baby # 5 on  June 30th. Yay!  The precious church folks saved their coins, so the children found money inside the eggs!

FellowshipThe Church Easter egg hunt is over. Now to round the kids up for a group shot.

Grandchildren and friends

Our grandchildren and friends posed after the big Easter egg hunt.  Refreshment time….


Cute cupcakes made by Kristin Grizzle

cupcake sprinkles on her face

Guess which cupcake Brianna ate? I think more sprinkles landed on her face than in her mouth.

Good Friday

Good Friday

Kristen, Dwayne and Brianna are pictured above. Melinda and Jeremy drove up on Thursday, so we had most of our family at our new house on Good Friday.  It was a picture perfect day!


I saw it first!

I see the Easter Egg!

Grandma and Landon

My hubby wanted to mow the grass before Easter, but I encouraged him to wait, because I thought we could hide eggs easier with the grass a little longer.  He bought one of those zero turn radius mowers for our acre of property. I think I might like mowing with that fun mower.

Where is Jeremy?  I will have pics later about the home improvements. We only have one picture of Jeremy and he is pulling up the carpet in our master bedroom. Barry is putting in hard-wood floors, and we plan to do it as a family of course. More pictures to come of our home improvements.


hardwood floors

papa's biscuits

Landon, at the table in our screened-in back porch, eating Papa’s homemade biscuits and gravy…mmmm good!


The stairs in our new house are popular with the kiddos. hmm. They slide down them.

Hope you and your family had a very happy Resurrection Day! When things in life do not go the way we had hoped they would, we can always rejoice in knowing:

I am so glad He is not there (in the grave) and He is here (in my heart)!

Our Three Sons




Chandler is disgusted at the dirt on his shoes.





Sliding is a favorite thing to do!




Happy Chandler

Happy Chandler!




Sterling picking up sticks

Sterling took it upon himself to pick up sticks to put into the burn pile.




Probably thinking about cookies

Probably thinking about cookies…





Waving at the Airplane

Waving at the airplane! The neighbors always wave back.














Phonics app

Triston and Sterling playing their phonics app on my phone.



Triston's chair

They all love sitting in this hole we dug. Triston always says, “It’s like a chair, Mom!”



Our cat

Our cat. Her name is Cat. 🙂



Dad and Twins

Daddy and Sons

Jodi and Triston

Mother and Son



Sterling likes to smell the flowers before he eats them.



Sunken Fire Pit

Jodi: “I made a sunken fire pit on the beach. We haven’t used it yet, so the boys are using it like a fort.”



bat cave

Into the bat cave!




Jodi: “Sterling is signing “jump” to show me how he had jumped off of the bricks. 🙂 I love that he can tell me things, even though he doesn’t talk yet.”

Happy EasterHappy Resurrection Day to everyone! Most of our grown children and grandchildren will be with us for Easter. We will miss those who cannot come this year. It is so nice to go to church together as a family on Easter. We will also play hide-n-seek with the Easter Eggs after we do a lesson of the Risen Saviour with the empty Egg. See my last post, “He’s Not There! Thank God, He’s Here!

hunting Easter EggsWhile I was growing up, I have some of the best memories of going to sunrise service with our family and of my Dad hiding Easter eggs. My Dad hid the Easter eggs in tough places and would get so excited when we found them. We had to dig to find some Easter eggs. My Dad would laugh and laugh.

Enjoy Resurrection Day and create happy Family Memories.


I am so grateful Jesus is not there (grave) and that Jesus is here (my heart). jesus~resurrectionWhere would we be today without the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ! Let us remember to share the “Good News” with others.

We are Moving! Hooray!

I didn’t get a picture of Barry carrying me over the threshold of our new home. We are so excited, because we are getting ready to move. Hopefully, this home will be our final place to live for a while. We have moved three times in the last 1 1/2 years.

I now feel like a city girl who is about to become a country girl. The Lord has blessed us with the house in the picture to the right. The house is bright and sunny because of the many windows. I am not a person who wants a fancy house, but I do like a sunny house. I think I will name it, “Sunny House in the Country.”

at the zoo


I took this picture of our children and grandchildren at the zoo this past summer. Our new house is special, because it is a 10 minute drive from our children… and four, soon to be five, of our grandchildren. That is why I said, “Hooray!”

For those of you, who don’t know, my husband and I made a huge decision to move from the state, where we lived all our life, across the country. Instead of  storm chasers… I guess you can call us grandchildren chasers.  We wanted to be closer to our children and grandchildren. By the way, our children wanted us to live closer to them too. That is also important.

Sometimes, things just don’t go as planned.  I never dreamed our children would marry and move so far away. The empty nest is fine if the children and grandchildren live close by, but living a two days journey away was difficult on us. We were only seeing our children and grandchildren a few times every year.  Our grandchildren were growing up so fast and we were missing out… but not now! Hooray!



home new backyard

I like the little rose garden.

There is a place in the very back of the 1 acre yard for a garden.  My husband can now plant a Spring vegetable garden.  He is excited about digging in the dirt and growing vegetables.

I am hoping to get a tree house and slide in the backyard…and maybe a trampoline for the grandchildren.




home new backyard 3

Looks like a nice backyard retreat to have my Quiet Time on some mornings.


home new screened porch


Back view of the house: I always wanted a screened-in back porch….reminds me of the houses in the good ol’ days.

Before putting our offer in, our children and grandchildren visited this house with us. Our grandchildren ran around the house with such enthusiasm. They loved it.

Kristen, our daughter mentioned that they recently rode by the house we plan to purchase. She said that the owners were in the front yard.

Bryant, our grandson asked, “Who are those people at Papa’s and Grandma’s house?”

Grandchildren say the cutest things! Soon, Bryant….very soon, Papa and Grandma will be living in that house. Thank you, Lord! And the move is on…to Sunny House in the Country~

Sharing the Same Birthday

Our son-in-law, Dwayne and their daughter, Brianna share the same birthday!  I think that is so special! Out of every day in the year, God decided for Brianna to arrive on her Daddy’s birthday.


Daddy and Daughter Birthday

I do believe Daddy enjoys sharing his birthday with his little princess daughter.




Kristen cooked a delicious Birthday Dinner; chicken stroganoff, fruit salad, green beans and french bread.


Birthday Party, Brianna

They decided to have a small family birthday party…grandparents were invited and treated special at the Birthday Party!



Birthday Party, Brianna

When our children were growing up, I usually planned home parties and invited grandparents, cousins and about fifteen of our children’s friends. They also had a one-on-one Birthday dinner date with their Dad at the restaurant of their choice. When they were little, they chose McDonald’s and Taco Bell for their Birthday dinner date with Dad. Of course, their tastes changed as they grew older.

On another occasion, our family went to a nice restaurant. I think, it was Mother’s Day. When we  finished eating, seven-year old Melinda said it was a nice restaurant, but she liked Taco Bell better. Big Grin… we still remind her of that.


Birthday Party, Brianna

Mmmm…Kristen baked a big cake for Dad and the grown-up party guests. She baked cupcakes for the Birthday girl and the younger party guests. Dwayne and Kristen hollowed out the center of the cupcakes and put a surprise cherry center.


Birthday Party, Brianna

The expression says it all! Happy 4-year-old, Brianna!



Birthday Party, Brianna

Opening a present…


Birthday Party, Brianna

Gratefulness is always sweet! Giving Grandma a hug…then Papa a hug.



Birthday Party, Brianna

A new red coat and hat for Brianna!  I planned for there to be “room to grow,” so she can wear the coat next winter as well. Happy Birthday, Brianna and Dwayne!!

Making Winter Family Memories

Triston with Fred, The Snowman

Triston is posed next to his snowman, Fred.




Jodi, sledding with Triston
Jodi, sledding with Triston

Looks pretty cold out there! Those are some rosy cheeks! Fun mommy!


Cardinal~ God loves me sign
Cardinal~ God loves me sign

Jodi  took a beautiful photo of my favorite bird in their yard. The cardinal is one of my “God loves me” signs. I really believe God sends the cardinal my way to say, “I love you, Linda.”


Jodi and kids making cookies Together

Jodi and the kids making cookies together~Fun mommy strikes again!


Chandler takes his drawing seriously

Chandler takes his drawing time very seriously. Can’t you tell by his face?


horse stampede~

Chandler laughs in the face of danger. Here he is testing whether or not he can survive a horse stampede. He made it out alive, thankfully. 🙂


Chandler and Sterling-dune buggy

Dune Buggy ride! Chandler and Triston



All the cousins together
All the cousins together

Cousin group photo organized by Bryant~ Maybe a leader in the making?


serious faces

Jodi, the photographer: “I asked them to make serious faces.” 😉

Funny comment from Austen (on the left) written by his Dad:


Recently, Austen was trying to put on one of those sets of pajamas that is a one piece set, with a zipper that runs from the bottom right foot all the way up to the neck. Well, after apparently struggling with it for a while, he finally fumbled into the room where we were, still fighting the PJ’s in spirit though ready for some help otherwise. Sure enough, the pajamas were inverted, twisted, and inside-out–all three at once! Austen (obviously deeply miffed) blurted out:

“Dese PJ’s don’t WANT me to put dem on!” 🙂


Part Caterpillar~ Part Brianna

Part Caterpillar~Part Brianna


Uncle Jeremy, Aunt Melinda and Chandler

Uncle Jeremy, Aunt Melinda and Chandler


nerf war

Jodi gets in on the Nerf war.


Kids + air mattresses = crazy fun

Kids + Air mattresses = Crazy fun


Our daughter, Kristen

When is my mind ever going to adjust to my baby having babies? I can still remember when our first-born child, Kristen was born. Yes, I can remember every single detail of that day like it was yesterday. Kristen and Dwayne are expecting child #5. I am going to be a grandmother again in June 2013! Yay!


Brianna putting her baby doll to bed

Brianna putting her baby doll to bed~


Blowing Bubbles

Uncle Jeremy blowing bubbles


Aww~ It was a long day

Aww~It was a fun family time making memories~

Hugging twin brothers

I thought this photo was cute of our twin grandsons, Sterling and Chandler giving each other a great big hug. Children are such a blessing from the LORD! Have we recently told them so?