Let It Snow~Family Pictures

First Snow~Jodi and Brandon's backyard
First Snow~Jodi and Brandon’s backyard


Jodi: “It was so beautiful out there! I walked around for a couple of hours taking pictures of the snow.”


Bluebird in the snow
Bluebird in the snow


Jodi: “One of our resident blue birds! I always think about Sonia Vogl when I see these.”

Me: “Jodi, tell me about Sonia Vogl.”

Jodi: “Well, she is actually a professor. My Mom cleaned her house for her every Thursday. She treated Jessie and me like we were her granddaughters and took us on hikes every week across her beautiful property. She taught us so much about science in nature. She was and still is one of my favorite people. I don’t think a week goes by where Jessie and I don’t talk about her or something she taught us. I think about her when I see bluebirds, because she had bluebird houses set up around her property. We’d always get to peek at the eggs, or baby birds. She’d also let us kick out the wrens that tried to take over the birdhouses. She was so busy, but would always take a break from all of it to spend time with us. It’s just something that would make any child feel special; it still resonates in me. I hope I will treat children like she treated us, because it made us feel loved. :)”


Twins~First Snow
Twins~First Snow


Jodi: “The twins really seemed to enjoy their first snow experience.”


Daddy reassuring his son
Daddy~ reassuring his son


“Come on, and let’s enjoy the snow together. Give me your hand.”


Brandon and Sterling
Brandon and Sterling


Sterling is enjoying walking in the crunchy snow with Daddy~


Triston making a snow angel
Triston making a snow angel


Triston likes the snow
Triston likes the snow


Kids Love A Fort
Kids Love A Fort


Inside, the kids build a fort. The boys have only come out when they have needed help putting their headlamps back on  …and to eat.


Chandler likes Nutella
Chandler likes Nutella

Chandler’s first Nutella experience has left its mark.

Visiting Colorful New Orleans

Saint Louis Cathedral, New Orleans, LA

Did I say the best years with our children were their teen years?  Well, that was when they were still home.  It only gets better when we get together with them now.

Melinda and I spent a wonderful day together in New Orleans. I am standing in front of St. Louis Cathedral. We found out from a guide that  Cinderella’s Castle was modeled after the St. Louis Cathedral. I can see similarities…can you?



We ate  Breakfast at Brennan’s and shopped and then shopped some more. It was mostly window shopping, because I am a bargain shopper.


Cafe' du Monde

Melinda and I enjoy going to the famous coffee shop, Cafe’ du Monde.  The cafe was established in 1862. An order of their french market donuts, aka beignets is a must. Don’t worry about getting powdered sugar all over you. That is part of the experience.

I took pictures of Melinda, and she took pictures of me while in New Orleans.


Mark Wahlburg
Mark Wahlburg

I had never heard of Mark Wahlburg until Melinda told me he was a movie star shooting a film in New Orleans.  Melinda said, “I hope we get to see him.” As we were crossing the street, right in front of us, Mark Wahlburg and his body guard exited a car. Melinda and I were the only ones around. No Paparazzi! Mark Wahlburg was very friendly, holding the door open for us, explaining he had just finished playing basketball. He told us about his family, how he missed them and asked us where we were from. From now on, I think I will recognize Mark Wahlburg if I run into him again.



The live butterflies in the Butterfly Garden of the Insectarium were my favorite part of the museum.  Yes, this beautiful butterfly friend just walked onto my finger.


New Orleans Street Band
New Orleans Street Band

As we rounded the street corner, blue grass fiddling could be heard. There is no other place as colorful and unique at New Orleans, LA.



New Orleans balcony

Beautiful Door Knob





Melinda’s photography at work here.



I remember when Melinda took this photo of the door knob. I didn’t even notice it.  She has an eye for details.


Mule and buggy ride New Orleans, LA

Our husbands joined Melinda and I later on in the day. We took a mule and buggy tour around the city of NOLA. Our guide was extremely interesting and had us laughing!   Great Tour!

Choot 'Em!

Jeremy likes alligators. “Choot em” Jeremy!

Feel free to go to Melinda, our daughter’s blog for more pictures: http://melindadenison.blogspot.com/

Hoover Christmas 2012 Photos

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012 with the love of my life!


Don’t look now, but I think we are standing under mistletoe!


Barry's Christmas presentairplane

Barry’s new toy.  Notice what is on TV. The grandchildren are about to arrive though…things will change.



A helicopter in the hand…





They are here

The Family has all arrived! Yay!!!

egg nog cookies




Melinda, making egg nog cookies~ yummy!

Jodi's Birthday

Our daughter-in-law, Jodi was born on Christmas Eve eve…yes, December 23rd! She loves cookie cakes! Happy Birthday, Jodi!

Singing at assisted living

Assisted Living







We went to the local Assisted Living and ministered to the people who live there. Kristen, our daughter played the piano and Dwayne led the singing of Christmas Carols.

Bryant sang “Away in a Manger” and Austen made friends with some of the ladies.

GrandkidsAusten on balcony




Back at the house, the cousins pose.






Twins discover the candy

The twins just discovered the candy stash.


Brianna's doll







Brianna is delighted as she pulls her doll out of the box along with a doll sleigh bed.

Jeremy~ Melinda

Brandon~ SterlingSisters





Dwayne and Brianna riding on shoulders







Bryant~nerf gun





The kids were excited about their nerf guns.



Nerf GunsThe night ended with the big boys getting excited about the nerf guns too.

big boys

Who are they after?

brandon~nerf gun

Looks like Brandon had the high ground.

Luke 2Papa, reading from the Bible the CHRISTmas Story!

Christmas Verse

MERRY CHRISTMAS from our family to your family!

Graham Cracker Train and More

The proud designers of the finished graham cracker choo choo train.


Graham Cracker Choo Choo Train

Our grandchildren are crazy about trains. Aunt Melinda and Papa were in on the action too. Grandma read the directions.


Dressed for Church

Kristen, our eldest daughter, Dwayne, her husband, Bryant, Austen, Brianna and Landon all dressed up for church! Have I mentioned Kristen is expecting baby # 5?  Yes, we are thrilled!


Melinda, our youngest daughter and husband, Jeremy ready to see ICE.


Melinda and Jeremy ~


Grandkitty says, “Don’t forget about me, me, and me!”


“They call it a Christmas Tree, but I call it a Scratching Post.”


Trampoline + Grandkids + Grandma= 3 energetic children + one tired adult. Did I mention that grandchildren keep us young?


Uncle Jeremy and Brianna decide it is time for a nap…zzzz.

The Flu Hits Our Family

The flu has hit some of our family members. Hope it misses your family. Having sick children is no fun at all. They are so pitiful.

I can remember when our children were very small, they all came down with a bad case of the flu. After it ran its course with the children, I ended up getting the flu. I could not get out of bed for a day. At that time, Barry worked out of town during the week and came home on the weekends.  Kristen was five, Brandon was three and Melinda was two. I can remember five year old Kristen having to feed her brother and sister. She did a great job. Whew! We made it through that hard time. Sickness makes us appreciate good health.

Brandon, our son and his wife Jodi have been dealing with sick children for the past couple of weeks. This is a picture of Sterling feeling awful  ~poor baby…and our tired son~ poor Dad.  Jodi told me she is exhausted.  Poor Mom!

I appreciate prayers for our family to be healthy as we plan to all be together soon in one house for Christmas. Can’t wait!


Mr. Grinch
Jodi handmade Mr. Grinch

Jodi handmade my favorite Christmas cartoon character. I think she did a good job! “You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch!”


Triston came in as his Mom was putting it up in the window saying, “Oh, no! It’s the Grinch!” Then, Triston runs out of the room acting scared. He is so funny… and cute too!


Goodnight sweet twins! Hurry, Mom and Dad and get some rest!

I am praying for all readers who have sick ones in their household to have a speedy recovery! Love and Hugs~