Lagniappe of Louisiana

“Lagniappe” in Louisiana means “a little something extra”.

I have enjoyed living in Louisiana for over a half a century.  Louisiana offers a uniqueness all its own:  Plantations, massive live oaks, Spanish moss, delicious Cajun food, gumbo, jambalaya, crawfish, bayous, shrimp fishing, friendly folks,  street musicians, Southern hospitality, tallest capital building, swamp people, and duck dynasty.  People of Louisiana are proud of their state and the lagniappe it offers.

While living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I enjoyed walking on a certain walking path around a huge duck pond. One day, I drove to the walking path and thought, “Hmm, usually there are many people walking this path, but today I am the only one.” I started walking, and then I ended up finding a “little something extra” on the walking path.  I came to this “Alligator warning sign”.

Definitely, lagniappe of Louisiana! I don’t think people would find an alligator warning sign on a walking path in the middle of the capital city in too many other states. I guess you could say I was relieved I found the warning sign, instead of the gator finding me!

(Thank you Deirdre and Byron Breau for taking this photo )

How To Be Ready to Witness At All Times

Last night, we had a fantastic time at the Raleigh Independence Day Celebration with our children and four grandchildren.

All of a sudden, a rain storm hit! People scrambled for an overhang.  While waiting for the rain to pass, our son-in-law and a man he had just met, struck up a very interesting conversation.

When the man found out my son-in-law was a preacher, he told Dwayne he could tell he was a man of God.  The man asked Dwayne good questions about the Bible! He said he wanted to visit the church my son-in-law pastors, they exchanged names and phone numbers and after an hour of conversation, Dwayne and the man bowed in prayer together.

We never know who God has put in our path for today.  How can we be ready to witness at all times? A good thing to daily pray is “God, open a big door for me to witness today.  Send the same people my way who Jesus would touch if He were walking on the earth today.  Let me be attentive to see the people you send”.

Withal praying also for us, that God would open unto us a door of utterance, to speak the mystery of Christ.” Col. 4:3


Suffering Miscarriages: Learning to See the Hand Of God!

My Miscarriages:  How I Am Learning to See the Hand Of God When I Suffer!

I don’t like to think about suffering, because it is an unpleasant thought, but the truth is:

Suffering is one thing we all have in common.

Suffering hits each of us in different ways at different times.

Have you ever asked the question, “Why God?”  I have! It is alright to ask God why, but it is not alright to demand an answer from God.

In my childbearing years, 7 of our 10 children died in the womb.  I was in the 2nd trimester with two of those children, and spent over a year of my life in bed trying to protect them.  Going to bed for a long time is no picnic for a mother when she already has little children.

When I was expecting our son, Brandon, my mother graciously helped me for four months.  Our 2 year old daughter, Kristen started calling my mother, “Mama”, because Kristen couldn’t understand why I was just lying there. Plus, the pregnancy was traumatic for me. I was so grateful to God when our son, Brandon was born.

After I had several miscarriages, a mother I had just met who had a very large family, asked me how many children I had.  When my answer was, “Three”, her reply was, “Only three?”  Oops, a little slip up.  This mother had no idea what I had suffered, but I smiled at her and just nodded yes.

When someone says something that is painful adding to one’s suffering, it’s helpful for me to remember:

1.  Everyone is going through something.

2.  Things may not be as they appear, so try not to jump to conclusions.

3.  Don’t take things personal.  Most people are not meaning any harm.

4. People who are hurting inside, sometimes unintentionally hurt others.

5. I have unintentionally said things that have hurt others, so I need to give them a break.

OK, I got off on a rabbit trail, but maybe someone needed to read what to do when hurtful words head their way.

Back to: Learning to see the Hand of God in suffering:

1 Peter 5:10 “But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you.”

  1. Believers as well as non-believers will suffer on this earth because of the “Fall” in Genesis 3.
  2. For the believer, in the scheme of Eternity, suffering is temporary.
  3. God will strengthen the believer during times of suffering.
  4. God will give the needed grace for the believer as he goes through the suffering.
  5. The effect of suffering is the eternal glory of God.
  6. God has guaranteed ultimate perfection for every believer.
  7. God will establish the believer. Greek meaning is “God will turn us firmly in the right direction”.
  8. God will settle the believer. We become a better person from going through the suffering.

How I saw the Hand of God When I suffered Miscarriages:

  1. I have a physical problem. My doctor was amazed I could even have a baby, so I am grateful for our 3 children that made it.
  2. I understand the suffering other mothers go through when they lose a child. (2 Cor. 1:4)
  3. Our 3 children are in awe and feel honored they were spared and given life on this earth.
  4. I now picture our 7 children lining the streets of gold “cheering me on” when I get to heaven.
  5. If everything were a bed of roses here on earth, I would not look forward to my real home, Heaven.

What has God shown you in your suffering?

Have you seen the hand of God? I pray for all the precious ladies reading Heaven bound Homemaker.  Dear sister in Christ, when you go through a time of suffering, May you Look for His Hand and Find It. His Merciful Hand will hold you up!

We Don’t Become Cranky Old Women Overnight!

This morning in my Quiet Time, I saw this Scripture, “That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works.” Ps 26:7

When I get ready to post something new on “heavenbound homemaker”, I have to push the “Publish button”, so this morning Psalm 26:7 took on a new meaning for me.

Isn’t it true that each day, we are to push our publish buttons and declare with thanksgiving the wondrous works of God to others?  How often do we say to others, “Let me tell you what the Lord has done!”  It is so easy to write our thanks in the sand and our burdens in the concrete.  So often our thanks get washed out to never be thought of again and replaced with burdens. What are you and I thankful for today? Let’s think on those things and publish them.

We have heard the old saying, “people read us like a book”.  When you and I are at home today, will our family see Jesus in us? We are being watched. Have you felt like you are in a fishbowl?  Well, you are! 🙂 What do our children see? Our husbands?  Remember, a cranky old woman does not get that way overnight.  When we go out, would others like to take a tract from us, and read it, because they see a good kind of difference in us?”

Dear Lord, May my family and others see Jesus in me today. Let me publish with the voice of thanksgiving all you have done for me!!!!


It’s our 33rd Anniversary today!!! Yay!

As we sat outside, indulging ourselves with Sweet Frog yummies, a photographer sat by us…waiting.

All of a sudden a stretch limo drives up and the photographer jumps up.  I am super curious to see who will emerge from the stretch limo.  The photographer is perched ready to snap, the limo driver opens the limo…and then….suspense….

10 elementary school age girls all dressed up with frilly hair pieces emerged as they walked from the limo to Sweet Frog. Wow! That was a new kind of Birthday Party to me!

I hope our children were just fine having backyard birthday parties….they sure cost a lot less.