Family Visit

Our family came to visit us for 11 days! It was extra special, because Barry’s 83-year-old mother and our sister-in-law, Bakey flew in too. Thank you, Bakey for taking our family photo.

Brandon and family arrived first. Since we live so close to the beach, they took a mini vacation there. We gladly kept our three grandchildren while they were vacationing.  A wagon ride around the block was on our agenda.

Triston, Chandler, Sterling 012I love how Triston put his arm around me.  He is so lovable.


Triston, Chandler, Sterling 003Playing in the back of Papa’s truck is always fun for the grandchildren.

Triston, Chandler, Sterling 009The twins wanted to play in the back of Papa’s truck too.

Grandkids Kristen's Pics 026The clubhouse that Dwayne built was enjoyed by all ages!

Grandkids Kristen's Pics 036Grandkids Kristen's Pics 072

Grandkids Kristen's Pics 041Grandkids Kristen's Pics 045Grandkids Kristen's Pics 055

Grandkids Kristen's Pics 064It was so cute to see these two-year-old cousins interact with one another.

Grandkids Kristen's Pics 133In the first floor of the clubhouse, the cousins were entertained by the old Disney cartoons. I fondly remember them from my childhood days. I guess you could say that I was entertained too.  Grandkids Kristen's Pics 139The Little Red Hen cartoon teaches children to have a good work ethic and to take initiative. I like cartoons that teach valuable lessons.  Don’t you?

Grandkids Kristen's Pics 102 Dwayne bounced the kids like popcorn and they loved it.

Back at the house, Barry’s Mom wanted to see our vegetable garden and flowers. Barry decided a ride on the lawnmower was the best way for her to sightsee.

Mamaw on lawn mowerAfter the lawn mower ride around the yard, Barry’s 83-year-old Mom jokingly said, “I came to visit, and they put me to work mowing the grass.” 🙂

Grandkids Kristen's Pics 266Barry’s mother and her youngest great grandchild, Dylan~

Lynn Witmer

Mrs. Linda,
Thank you for all the hard work that you put into doing this website. It is truly a blessing. I LOVE ALL THE FAMILY PICTURES. Ya’ll seem to be so HAPPY living up there.
I think you are enjoying the clubhouse more than the kids.LOL
May God Bless Ya’ll As Only HE Can Do.
We love and miss ya’ll.
Lynn Witmer

Linda Hoover

Hi Lynn,

I have missed you. We are happy living close to the kids and grandkids, but still miss family and friends in Louisiana. You are right. The clubhouse is fun!:)Thank you for encouraging me on. You are precious!

Love you,


i love, love, love the pic of bro barry sitting in the chair looking up at yall and smiling. to typical of him. love your family!

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