Never Give Up on Others

John 1:43-47

I looked back at the first words written about Philip in the Bible.  Jesus found Philip and said, “Follow Me”.  In the Greek, the word, “follow” means “in union on the same road (as a disciple)”.  Jesus is always with me, but am I in union with Him?  I surrender today to Your will for me.  I noticed Philip goes and finds Nathaniel in order to bring him to Jesus. Nathaniel’s first response was negative, but Philip did not give up on him and still brought Nathaniel to Jesus.    I was negative at first when Susie Wang tried to share the plan of salvation with me. I got gloriously saved two days later by reading the tract she gave me. I prayed for my parent’s salvation for 30 years, and God gloriously saved them in their mid 70’s.  Praise His Name!!! Never give up on others!


What a great testimony in your persistence prayers for your parents and of God’s grace and mercy to bring them to salvation!

I just found your beautiful blog this morning and am enjoying reading through posts. May God bless you as you serve Him in your home today.


Linda Hoover


I am so very happy to meet you. I am glad you are enjoying reading the posts. How did you find my blog?

I am so happy my entire family is saved. I learned to never give up on anyone.

I appreciate your kind words and prayers for me…you are an encouragement.

I am praying for the Lord to abundantly bless you and your family, Theresa.

Joyfully, In Him,
Linda Diane Hoover


Good evening, Diane. My husband and I are first generation Christians on both sides! I remember thinking that we were at such a disadvantage with no godly examples and would often use it as an excuse but one day the Lord really chastened me in this area, to change my thinking and that it was a privilege to go before our families. It humbled me to know that our family was being used in this way.

I found your blog when I was visiting another website which listed ATI family blogs. I don’t recall the name of the website at the moment or how I even came across it. 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for your kind words and prayers. You are in my prayers this evening as well.

Love in Christ,

Linda Hoover

What a wonderful testimony. I love your transparency. I think it is special to be first generation Christians. First generation Christians make dynamic Christians. I was the first one saved in my family and led my siblings to the Lord…then my parents while they were in their 70’s. I am so grateful we will all spend eternity in heaven together.

I think I know which website you are talking about~

I appreciate you, Theresa and I am so glad you took the time to write.

Linda Diane

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