Making Winter Family Memories

Triston with Fred, The Snowman

Triston is posed next to his snowman, Fred.




Jodi, sledding with Triston
Jodi, sledding with Triston

Looks pretty cold out there! Those are some rosy cheeks! Fun mommy!


Cardinal~ God loves me sign
Cardinal~ God loves me sign

Jodi  took a beautiful photo of my favorite bird in their yard. The cardinal is one of my “God loves me” signs. I really believe God sends the cardinal my way to say, “I love you, Linda.”


Jodi and kids making cookies Together

Jodi and the kids making cookies together~Fun mommy strikes again!


Chandler takes his drawing seriously

Chandler takes his drawing time very seriously. Can’t you tell by his face?


horse stampede~

Chandler laughs in the face of danger. Here he is testing whether or not he can survive a horse stampede. He made it out alive, thankfully. 🙂


Chandler and Sterling-dune buggy

Dune Buggy ride! Chandler and Triston



All the cousins together
All the cousins together

Cousin group photo organized by Bryant~ Maybe a leader in the making?


serious faces

Jodi, the photographer: “I asked them to make serious faces.” 😉

Funny comment from Austen (on the left) written by his Dad:


Recently, Austen was trying to put on one of those sets of pajamas that is a one piece set, with a zipper that runs from the bottom right foot all the way up to the neck. Well, after apparently struggling with it for a while, he finally fumbled into the room where we were, still fighting the PJ’s in spirit though ready for some help otherwise. Sure enough, the pajamas were inverted, twisted, and inside-out–all three at once! Austen (obviously deeply miffed) blurted out:

“Dese PJ’s don’t WANT me to put dem on!” 🙂


Part Caterpillar~ Part Brianna

Part Caterpillar~Part Brianna


Uncle Jeremy, Aunt Melinda and Chandler

Uncle Jeremy, Aunt Melinda and Chandler


nerf war

Jodi gets in on the Nerf war.


Kids + air mattresses = crazy fun

Kids + Air mattresses = Crazy fun


Our daughter, Kristen

When is my mind ever going to adjust to my baby having babies? I can still remember when our first-born child, Kristen was born. Yes, I can remember every single detail of that day like it was yesterday. Kristen and Dwayne are expecting child #5. I am going to be a grandmother again in June 2013! Yay!


Brianna putting her baby doll to bed

Brianna putting her baby doll to bed~


Blowing Bubbles

Uncle Jeremy blowing bubbles


Aww~ It was a long day

Aww~It was a fun family time making memories~

Hugging twin brothers

I thought this photo was cute of our twin grandsons, Sterling and Chandler giving each other a great big hug. Children are such a blessing from the LORD! Have we recently told them so?

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