My Jesus Hug

It was your typical day in mid December. Barry usually gets the mail and opens the Christmas cards, but on this day, he handed one Christmas card to me. My name only was written on the outside of the envelope. Upon opening the envelope, my eyes fastened to a beautiful glistening Christmas card.

My day quickly transformed into an untypical day when I opened the gorgeous Christmas card to discover the “sender.” Written inside were these words: “Love, Jesus.”  Tucked within the card was a Jesus Hug.

My heart flipped and I ran to show my husband, saying, “Jesus loves me!”  Of course, I already knew that Jesus loved me, but it was still precious to get a huge Jesus hug.

With part of the money, I decided to put Scripture decor in my home, so I would remember the special day I received my Jesus Hug.

Over my living room/breakfast area doorway is a Scripture that brings me hope, “With God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26

Whenever problems, pain, the swirling events and circumstances in my ever-changing world seem to swoop upon me, I can choose to hope in God’s Holy Word, His Love Letter to me.

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