Room Time! A Sanity Saver!

“Room Time” was written by Kay Lee. I met Kay in my home when Melinda, our daughter taught art lessons to Kay’s precious children. The photo to the right is Kay Lee’s five year old son having “Room Time.”


Kay Lee
Kay Lee

As a homeschooling mom of three kids, (my daughter is sixteen, my sons are about to be fourteen and five) I have read countless books on parenting. I have yet to read a parenting book that I agree with completely. My parenting style has emerged as a blend of parts of these books, much prayer, plus many other influences.

There are  several things I have learned over the years that I am so very thankful for, things that have made my parenting journey more joyful and less stressful. I would like to share one of those with you.

Itʼs called Room Time.

The idea is that once your toddler gives up his nap time, he transitions to room time. Rather than sleeping during this time, he may play in his room instead.

I used a baby gate at the door of my toddlerʼs room to ensure he stayed in the room, made sure he was safe, and stayed within earshot in case he needed me. Most days that process was just as easy as it was to write that last sentence describing the process. However, there were days of little chubby fingers grasping the baby gate as the tears fell! Determination on my part, not giving in although it would have been the easier path, made Room Time successful.

Room TimeOverall, Room Time was a great experience for both mom and child. When my kids were little, it was an invaluable time to return phone calls, have a quiet time, pay bills, or any other activity which a toddlerʼs presence would not enhance! The child could play and sing and create the imaginary world of his choosing all in the safety of his room. When my older two needed my attention for school in the mornings, my little one would do room time. Now, as the little one is doing kindergarten, he does his room time after he and I finish his schoolwork allowing me to spend time with the older two.

Some great benefits have come from Room Time.

My kids can all easily entertain themselves.

My sanity~ One of the most difficult things of being a mom to multiple kids, for me, is that feeling of being “pulled” in several different directions at once.

Mother Teaching Daughters To Cook~
Mother Teaching Daughters To Cook~

Room Time has helped me focus on one or two kids at a time without the other continually pleading for attention.


I hope Room Time will be a blessing to all the moms who try it!

Miriam Nissley

I did something like this, but I called it Quiet Time! Same concept, different name! In my situation, it wasn’t totally quiet for each individual child because they had to share bedrooms. Much needed for the mom, though! Thanks for posting!

My children now range in age from 17 to 27.

Merle Reece

Thanks for recalling good memories! No matter what age, we had “quiet time” from 1-3pm in bed. For infants-4 that usually was a nap. The older ones could play a quiet game (no computer or cell phone) but a puzzle, Legos, drawing, or read a book. They could not talk or interact with anyone else. Breaking this rule meant an extra clean up duty. Why?… Time to read a book, devotional, prayer, nap, rest, think (a great luxury in today’s world). Everyone learned to be creative and to be by themselves not demanding attention from others.
Mom time…phone calls, plan, rest or nap, hobby (sew, etc.), and one on one time with a specific child. I would recommend “quiet time” for any home…”So then let us pursue the things which make for peace” Romans 14:19

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